2012 Race Report

The 2012 Whitsunday Sailing Club Easter Regatta has now concluded and the series results are in.

For a second year the weather was on its best behaviour, with clear skies and fair (but tricky) breezes all weekend. A generous helping of tidal current also kept sailors’ minds on tactics throughout the series.

With a slightly smaller fleet than some previous years, a single start was set for each race, giving over 20 boats the chance to practice their “big fleet” racing tactics as they each sought out clear air at the starts and a clear path to the top mark.

The typically shifty, gusty winds of Pioneer Bay also required keen focus and a willingness to change plans to suit the next gust. Once around the top mark, sailors were occasionally rewarded with a good gust to set them off planing to the next mark.

In a repeat of last years weather, the last afternoons racing saw the breeze pick up and smiles on the faces of some of the heavier crews.

A huge thank-you…

Once again, an enormous thank-you must go to our dedicated team of volunteers - some from neighbouring clubs - who helped make the regatta possible. Without their commitment and generous donation of time, none of us could enjoy the racing we all love so much.

Thankyou to:

  • Paul Effeny, who stepped in at short notice to serve as our PRO and run the start boat for the senior course
  • Brendan, Paul’s son, who helped out on the senior start boat despite nursing an injured foot
  • Bryn Wooding in the senior safety boat who tirelessly moved the course around between races as the wind shifted all around the bay
  • Andy Pearce, who manned the senior safety boat for our invitational race
  • Anthony Hoffman, who ran the start boat for the junior course
  • Gray Annear, who lent a hand (or two) raising flags on the junior course start boat
  • Alan McCaragh and Johanna Winstanly who also stepped in at short notice to man the junior course safety boat, and help out some of the newer sailors in the junior fleet
  • Terry Archer, who manned the junior safety boat for our invitational race
  • Ali Swain, who made sure that everyone was fed throughout the Regatta
  • Angela Rae, who in addition to her usual duties at the club, lent her time and (seemingly boundless) energy to arranging food, drink and seating downstairs
  • Steve Gibson, whose help with the results, and sorting out sign on sheets prevented Daniel Scott from going quietly “doolally”

Prizes Awarded

Overall “mixed fleet” prizes were awarded in both the junior and senior fleets, with class prizes being awarded to any type of boat with four or more entries.

Senior Mixed Multihulls (3 boats)

  • 1st: “Comfortably Numb” (Nacra 16sq), George Cammilleri

Senior Mixed Monohulls (18 boats)

  • 1st: “Carpe Diem” (Flying 11), Emma Barsi & Cian Williams
  • 2nd: “On Ice” (Tasar), Bill Mairs & Jenny Mairs
  • 3rd: “The Hound” (Laser Radial), Dan Townsend

Senior Sailboards (2 boats)

  • 1st: Darren Garner

Laser Class (Standard, Radial and 4.7 on Yardstick) (5 boats)

  • 1st: “The Hound”, Dan Townsend
  • 2nd: “Claudia”, Alastair Donaldson

Tasar Class (5 boats)

  • 1st: “On Ice”, Bill Mairs & Jenny Mairs
  • 2nd: “The Blunt End”, Alex Kostin & Judith Eastwood

Flying 11 Class (4 boats)

  • 1st: “Carpe Diem”, Emma Barsi & Cian Williams
  • 2nd: “On the Run”, Sam Bartsch & Breina Whitehead

Junior Mixed Monohulls

  • 1st: “It’s a Menace” (Sabot), Jamie Torplund
  • 2nd: “Another Menace” (Sabot), Chris Barsi
  • 3rd: “Fire 6″ (Sabot), John Hatfield

Optimist Class (5 boats)

  • 1st: “The Beast”, Hamish Swain
  • 2nd: “Plan B”, Aiden Gummow
  • 3rd: “G-Wizz”, Brendan Hoffman

Sabot Class (1-up and 2-up on yardstick) (10 boats)

  • 1st: “It’s a Menace”, Jamie Torplund
  • 2nd: “Another Menace”, Chris Barsi
  • 3rd: “Fire 6″, John Hatfield


Full race and series results are available for the 2012 Easter Off-Beach Regatta. Click the buttons below to view results (both open in a new window)

View Results for Senior Divisions

View Results for Junior Divisions

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