Sabot Division (Juniors)

In a standout performance for the weekend, Daniel Townsend of Whitsunday Sailing Club took out first place in the Sabot division by winning four out of the six races as well as the invitational race.

Hot on his heels, James Orr of Mission Beach and Anthony Sommerfield of Keppel Bay took second and third places with only a point separating the two places.

Prizes awarded

Overall Places: 1-up

  1. Island Magic (Whitsunday Sailing Club)
    Daniel Townsend
  2. Mission Impossible (Mission Beach Sailing Club)
    James Orr
  3. Bad Boy (Keppel Bay Sailing Club)
    Anthony Sommerfield

Overall Places: 2-up

  1. Pelargic (Keppel Bay Sailing Club)
    Dylan Baguley & Seamus Byrt
  2. It’s a Menace (Mission Beach Sailing Club)
    Jamie Torpelund & Tim Fryer
  3. Kiffer (Whitsunday Sailing Club)
    Brendan Hoffman & Dane Bulder

Detailed results for all boats

View and Print Detailed Results (PDF)

Selected Photographs

Tom Orr of Mission Beach has taken hundreds of photographs over the weekend and is making them available (in a printable form) on DVD-ROM. To find out more, visit our photo order page.

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