Mixed Monohull Division

The mixed monohull division saw a fantastic variety of entries - from hefty Corsairs to powerful 505’s, a nimble 29er and even an Australian light-weight Sharpie.

First place went to seasoned Corsair sailors Bruce Carter and Jim Hayes, with Megan Love looking after things at the foreward end of the boat.

Keeping the pressure on, Sharpie Dry Reaching (Damian Byrt, Pat Schandl and Connor Wallace) came through a mere three points behind in second place, with Richard Dean and Jack Stirling finishing third in their 29er.

Prizes awarded

Overall Places

  1. The Thong (Corsair) (Whitsunday Sailing Club)
    Bruce Carter, Jim Hayes & Megan Love
  2. Dry Reaching (Sharpie) (Keppel Bay Sailing Club)
    Damian Byrt, Pat Schandl & Connor Wallace
  3. AUS100 (29er) (Port Denison Sailing Club)
    Richard Dean & Jack Stirling

Detailed results for all boats

View and Print Detailed Results (PDF)

Selected Photographs

Tom Orr of Mission Beach has taken hundreds of photographs over the weekend and is making them available (in a printable form) on DVD-ROM. To find out more, visit our photo order page.

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